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Our associates include:

Rudrabhishek Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.,
New Delhi
is a company set up in 1992 for the professional practice of urban planning, architecture, civic infrastructural planning, structural design, building services and project management and now has the reputation of being one of the leading consultancy companies of India.

Willi Streck, Muehlenstr 92, D-50321, Bruehl, Germany, expert in environment, urban waste management and mine design.

Global Evolutionary Energy Design (GEED), New Delhi are specialists in low carbon and energy efficiency services and applications such as
Building Energy Modeling, Calibrated Energy Simulation (Consulting to ESCO Projects), HVAC and Air flow Modeling using Computational Fluid Dynamics CFD techniques, Design of Smart Energy Management System, Fault Detection & Diagnostics (FDD), Sustainability Planning & Advisory, Design of Net Zero Energy Building/Housing Complexes, Utilization of waste heat in industrial processes, Cogeneration, Tri-generation System Feasibility Study

MIN MEC works with her associates whenever required at both the national and international levels.