Regional Studies






Integrated Development Plan for Minerals and Minerals based industries for the State of Assam

Assam Mineral Development Corporation Ltd. & Coal India Ltd.

Market potential, location, viability, economics, socio-economic and environment compatibility of minerals such as Coal, Granite, Decorative stone Kaolin, Sillimanite, Limestone, Gold, Iron and potential to establish mineral based industries like Thermal Power Stations, Cement plants, Coal briqueting plants, China Clay Industries (1995)


Statewide Master perspective Plan for next 30 years for mining Minor Minerals in the State of Haryana and formulation of Rules for the Haryana State for mining the same under Mineral Conservation & Development Rules (MCDR)

Haryana State Industries & Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd, Panchkula, haryana

Scope includes identification of mineral bearing areas (stone, sand, gravel, slate, marble, granite, road metal, construction material), assess market zone wise in the state and around it, sizing the mining plots after preparing mining zones avoiding restricted areas, deciding capacity of mines, crushing locations based on logistics, suggest transportation routes and modes avoiding public roads. To suggest an appropriate structure for the Department of Mines, Govt. of Haryana along with recommendations on staffing, its roles and responsibilities and capacity building (2010).